Sober Living Homes in Tampa Florida

A sober living home is a place to live while you transition from a life of every addiction to a life of healing and recovery. There is a big difference between the life you were living and where you need and want to be. You need a drug-free space where you have the ability to live, go to school, and start healing your physical body and mental health. Our sober living facility can do that for you.

It is not a long-term residence, but a place for you to live while you begin to heal. With three sober living homes to choose from, there is help available to you at Coalition Recovery.

What Can You Expect From A Sober Living Home In Florida

Our sober living facility is a comfortable, safe home. It is not a hospital setting or a medical building. It is not in a commercial area. It is a home where you will be responsible for helping to do your part in the group setting. You will live with others who are going through the same transition as you are. Here, your goal is to regain skills and start to create a recovery plan, one that allows you to make better decisions.

What Are the Advantages Of a Sober Living Facility

A sober living home like those we offer provides you with several key advantages:

  • It’s a safe, controlled environment
  • You can work with others who are going through the same thing, allowing you to share feelings and experiences
  • The comfort and support of those in the same position you are in can be important to recovery
  • You’ll have access to group therapy meetings each night
  • You gain access to drug-free events and a place to live as you work to rebuild your life

Transitioning from a place of drug addiction to one where you are living a life you are proud of is not easy to do. In a sober living facility, you can make that transition with a bit more meaning and success. You have someone there to listen, give advice, and guide you when you need it, but enough privacy and opportunity to start working on your healing.

Explore The Sober Living Options in Florida

To gain access to our sober living home, you’ll need to work closely with our professionals through drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We offer a range of programs to help you along with evidence-based therapy. Our programs include a range of services, including:

A sober living facility is not a scary place to live. It is a home where you will create new bonds and find new opportunities. It may be one of the most important parts of your addiction treatment.